Sunday, November 20, 2011

Rammstein on Tour!

Rammstein has announced their US tour dates for next years' shows. Reserve your tickets while they still exist, Rammstein are famous for selling out when they come to the states!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Gothic love – how to find your gothic dating partner

Author: Gothic Love

Today there are lots of dating websites over the internet, it's seems that finding gothic love online never been so easy. What is great about the variety of the dating websites is that you can actually find a person that has the same lifestyle as you – for example the gothic subculture.

Gothic love - I have to venture to reveal that by living a gothic lifestyle, you eventually have to fascinate and align yourself to being a unique person in a philosophical way. That is to say, that by looking pale, gaunt, adorned in black clothing, constantly out at night and seldom seeing the light of day, you begin to feel as if you're passing into a different sort of gothic life, which makes perfect sense why you might looking for gothic love as well.

The rest of human civilization obviously recognizes that you're quite unlike them, and that you don't live in the planned out order that the so-called "normal," As if, there is a cloud up in the sky engraved with the words: Thou shall wake up at 6:30 in the morning, eat a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner, study, and attempt to improve oneself.

Furthermore, people's reactions to you afterwards become sort of a Gothic tale or quality. I'm inclined to believe gothic people have always existed before the music and the nostalgia of a pop-culture, whether adorned in black or not, who have fancied themselves a gothic. The naive people who pass you in the street, those that you don't feel any relation or understanding, find you both abhorrent and yet attractive at the same time.

You might try to walk into the light and become completely pure, but you might find there is no place for you there either. Expressing yourself outside the social norms might be the right choice but only if you do it because it is you and find it fulfilling.

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Gothic love - the best gothic dating site for singles to find there true Gothic love.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cemetery Girls: The Genesis of Goth Music?

This song from the 1970s novelty record Voobaha sounds eerily like the later gothic dance music to come. Could this piece, from the men who brought the world Rolly Polly Fish Heads, be the origin of gothic music?

I'd be surprised were it so, but stranger things have happened....

Friday, November 4, 2011

Quack Remedies: For Restoring a Lost Maidenhead


Take a half-ounce of Venetian holy earth*, a bit of the milk expressed from the leaves of asparagus, a quarter ounce of alum infused with lemon juice, or the juice of unripe plums, a fresh egg-white with a bit of oat flour: from all these fashion a pill which should have a thin consistency, and you place this into the privy-parts of the deflowered girl, after having her douched with the milk of a goat, and anointed with pomatum of white lead. You will not have carried out this secret four or five times, before the girl will return to a state which will fool the matron who will be coming to survey her. The girl douching her privy-parts for several consecutive days, with the water of asparagus distilled with the juice of lemons, produces the same effect, anointing the party with pomatum, as is described heretofore.

*A type of white clay, possibly bentonite.

From the Petit Albert.
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